Scrum Master training course (English spoken)

What does this Scrum Master training include?

The Scrum Master guides the Scrum team. This person is responsible for the smooth continuation of a project. He guides the daily stand-up meetings in which the progress, the upcoming activities within the project, and the problems are discussed. This two-day training is aimed at learning:

  • How to function as an effective Scrum Master
  • How to eliminate impediments
  • How to appropriately support the Scrum Product Owner (e.g. when establishing backlogs)
  • How to involve the teams in the process of Agile developments of products and services

Many common practical cases in working as a Scrum Master are treated during the training. Furthermore, there are many simulation trainings that will allow you to appropriately master the principles of Scrum. Our trainers are all experienced Scrum Masters and can draw upon enormous amounts of practical examples.
You can optionally take the Scrum Master exam (PSM I) through If you pass the exam, you will receive an officially recognised certificate.

  • After the training, you receive a code by email that you can use for one single exam attempt. You can take this exam on a day and time that is pleasant for you.
  • The exam is in English and should be completed within a certain time period.
  • If you do not pass, you can take the exam again on your own initiative through

Note: no prior knowledge is needed for this training. If you have already followed our basic training, this training will include some repetition.

Times and location

Our training days always start at 09:30 and end around 16:00 (including lunch). The trainings occur in Meeting Plaza, Utrecht.

Do you have any questions about our Scrum Master training?

Please contact us on 020 2614 195 or We would be happy to be of further service!


After finishing the course, you receive an Agile Scrum Group certificate. If you have chosen to take an exam through, you also receive an officially approved PSM | certificate that shows that you are qualified to function as a Scrum Master.

Scrum Master training PSM I certificaat


  • The costs are € 990 excl. exam
  • The costs are € 1195 incl. the PSM I exam through via

The price includes all training materials, the Agile Scrum Group certificate, and drinks/lunch. The price excludes VAT.
Did you know that a part of the costs of this training will be recovered when you book a follow-up training? Read more about training discounts here.


Would you like to organize this training in-company? This is possible from 4 participants. Call us on 020 2614 195 or email us and we will send you a quotation based on your situation.

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